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Our ladies' Bible study group meets in Cath Curran’s home. We meet on a Tuesday evening around 7.15 to start our study at 7.30, beginning with an informal chat over coffee, tea and biscuits, this is then followed by an opening prayer.

The format we use within our group is a study book, which focuses on a specific Bible book, a person, a parable, letter etc. We have just begun the letter of James in the NT offering nine studies. Each study has an introduction, group discussion, personal reflection (this may not always be shared with the group). There is a passage to read and a set of questions to answer, (approx 12), that we work through together, some are more challenging than others. At the back of the book there are notes for leaders that we often use to facilitate our understanding. There are no right or wrong answers as each person may pick out things differently as we go through God's word and study, this then opens group discussions. As a group we have a period of prayer time before closing each session.

At present we have six members in our group who are all seeking to know more of our Lord. We give one another support and fellowship to grow in faith whilst we continue to develop on our own spiritual journey.

I don't want to make assumptions or speak of what group members have gained from being in the group therefore I will speak personally now and ask myself the question:

What do I get from being part of a small bible study group?

Reflection: When I first came to Prestongrange I was very much alone although very much felt it was where God wanted me to be and membership followed. It was Charlie Cameron who discussed the ladies Bible study group which he encouraged me to join. Yes, daunting, but I am so glad that after completing studies on a Tuesday evening I did join. I now feel that I am part of our church family, I'm not alone and I have the fellowship which I experience each Tuesday with my sister's in Christ. In studying God's word in the group I am growing as a young Christian (not in age) deepening my understanding of God's word with the support and encouragement from the group. I have made friends for life and I can discuss personal things which I know will go no further.

Walking with God can be a rocky road, developing a personal relationship with Jesus is why we meet as a group. I truly love our ladies Bible study.

God Bless
Barbara Lord
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