Financial Report 2015
Margaret Milne, Treasurer. Tel:01875 899041

Church's bank details

RBS, Prestonpans
Sort Code 83 26 20
Account No: 00235175

A message from our treasurer,


The filling of Smarties (and Steradent) tubes with 20 pence coins has now raised over a thousand pounds towards the upkeep of the organ and piano. The total to date is 1011. This is an ongoing fundraiser. I am always happy to receive filled tubes.


The continuing fundraising for the work to be carried out on the main church roof stands at 10,738. It has been necessary to spend 500 from the fund to update the survey information ready for new grant applications currently being completed. In addition we have 8,000 pledged by the Baird Trust


We ended the year with a healthy balance in the bank to move into this year. If you wish to contribute to any ongoing fund within the church, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We continue to raise money for Youth work, Outreach, Fabric of the buildings, flowers in the church. After every Sunday the flowers are taken to people unable to attend, the bereaved, or those feeling under the weather.


Margaret Milne (Tel 01875 899041)

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