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Focus is a Christian youth group where young people can come to learn about God and get to know other young people who follow God.  Focus isn't just looking at the bible and talking over questions, we like to do many activities that can help us have a better understanding of the Bible and God.

We do activities like games, crafts, some drama and we also have visiting speakers who come and give their testimonies.  We do prayer activities and we just get to know God more. We even go on trips out and camps to do more activities. At each meeting we always manage to make time for hot chocolate and biscuits or cakes as a treat.

It probably seems quite scary, the thought of joining a Christian youth group, especially if you don't know anyone who goes to Focus but there are many other young people who feel the same way. We have quite a nice group at Focus so don't be scared!

Focus is only for young people in P7 to S6. It is on a Friday night from 7pm-9pm in the Salvation Army Hall in Kirk Street, Prestonpans. We started back after the Summer holidays on Friday 28th Aug. The first week you attend is free but from then on it costs £1 which covers the costs of biscuits, hot chocolate, craft equipment and days out etc.

Hope to see you there soon.

Focus member

Term time only.

You donít need to go to Church to be welcome at FOCUS.

Contact Lindsay Stewart 07515 516217